Thursday, February 7, 2013

Donald Byrd (1932-2013)

Donald Byrd, New York City, 1959, photograph by William Claxton

Rest in Peace Professor Byrd

Click here for an alternate shot of the above photo


Anonymous said...

kcr had byrd tribute a week or so back , so knew something was coming

he did it all, but made it biggest with 70's fusiony-funk

blackbyrd thing

his ethiopian nights lp was always a fave in the electric miles period thing..nobody else did it as well

rip db


Anonymous said...

ps--thats a great claxton photo

gotta be late 50's..maybe early 60's

i remember subway cars like that..

hotels by todays standards

light bulbs...enameled poles and handgrips

and wicker seats that cut into you..pinching

on your way to coney island

never saw donald byrd playin trumpet tho