Thursday, May 6, 2010

Turk & Hyde (Yesterday & Today)

What I love about the JazzWax blog is the way the author manages to convey his enthusiasm about his subject matter. I nearly almost "walk" away from the blog with the desire to download the tracks he mentions, be it a known quantity like Charlie Parker with Lennie Tristano or someone who I never thought to be up my street like Helen Merrill or Joe Mooney. Marc also does a great job illustrating his posts. Take this post for example. Sure, I like Shelly Manne. In fact, nearly every time I hear him play I think, "Man, is this guy under appreciated and sadly forgotten." Well, Marc addresses exactly that and does so quite well. If you are a fan of the jazz music, I strongly recommend you make this blog a habit.

I nabbed one of Marc's photos (apologies to the copyright holder, but there is a purpose to all of this)
Thanks to miracle products over at Google we can see just exactly what the same spot looks like today. What a shame.

The Tenderloin (as that particular neighborhood is known) has been San Francisco's skid row certainly ever since I have been in the City (1989). There's always been a few good bars and nite spots to attract the likes of me, but overall it's pretty rough going and a pretty grim reminder of the cost of urban living.

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