Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Blues Busters (1964)

This is a VERY cool and interesting clip. I first heard the song via Italian-American "blue-eyed soul" man Steve Alaimo. Digging through the crates at Rooky's record shop off of Fillmore one day, owner Dick Vivian, put this one on the hi-fi saying that he knew I would love it. He was correct. Released in the US on ABC-Paramount Records in 1964, it was a rare early example of a US ska disc cut by Alaimo and featuring a solid, swinging backing (Capitol Records studio, NYC, perhaps?). A few years later I got my ears on the original version by Jamaica's Blues Busters - equally cool and groovy. The Blues Busters are still one of my favorite acts from this era - perhaps because of their slightly more overt soul/R&B influence. The above clip is from a wonderful 1964 documentary This is Ska! which my pal Domenic Priore hipped me to years ago. I would LOVE to see someone get a hold of the original film and put it out on DVD, Blu-Ray, or whatever format they come up with next. But the real inspiration behind this post is the fact that I am off to LA this weekend to appear with Ron Silva & The Monarchs opening up for LA's kings of classic ska, Hepcat. See how it all ties in now? I thought so.


Jay Parks said...

Hepcat rocks. Have a great gig, Nick!

Wilthomer said...

WAY cool Nick, who'd have thought?!