Thursday, April 2, 2009

Barney Kessel Trio (1962)

I've been digging deeper into Charlie Christian lately and have been re-evaluating some of those guys he most heavily influenced. I haven't given Barney Kessel a lot of air time around the flat in the past, but that has been changing. I've always respected him - but some of his tracks are downright top notch. Here's a clip featuring Kessel's tight 1962 trio with the legendary Stan Levey on drums (anyone who held down a regular gig in Charlie Parker's group is legendary in my book). What more is that I am 90% sure this was taken from Steve Allen's "Jazz Scene U.S.A." hosted by none other than Oscar Brown, Jr. (aka THE MAN). OBJ is absent from the clip, but he is with us always in spirit.

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