Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brooks Brothers (1952)

Print advertising, 1952

Shirt label, c.1952

New Yorker magazine, October 18, 1952

This week's post features more Brooks Brothers print advertising to compliment one of my earlier entries, which can be found here. The top image is a very rare color print ad spotlighting some more casual items and is presented in stark contrast to the second image, that of a dinner jacket. The third image shows remarkably clean lines, clearly illustrating that the "Brooks Brothers Look" was well defined by 1952. 

For kicks, I've also included a cartoon from the New Yorker from the same year. It too is fairly timeless. Just ask my wife.

Addenda & Errata: in my profile of Alvin Lustig and JBL some weeks back, I mistakenly identified James B. Lansing as an Italian-American. Thanks to a very nice email that I received from one of Lansing's granddaughters, I know now that he was German-American. Thank you Ms. Quintero for your kind words and for taking the time to correct the facts.

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