Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Patrick McGoohan (1928-2009)

No sooner did my brother hip me to this (thanks Tim!), then news hits the stands that Patrick McGoohan has passed away.
I undoubtedly first saw McGoohan on television some time in the late 1970s when I was a child. Perhaps it was The Man in the Iron Mask with Richard Chamberlin? I think so. At any rate, his intense visage and unique voice are ingrained deep in my memory. Like many others my age, I discovered his meisterwerk, The Prisoner, long after it's 1967 debut but was captivated by the serial. Much popular art from that highly vaunted year seems terribly dated now - and there are bits in The Prisoner which do place it firmly in a specific time and place - BUT overall it manages to be timeless on a lot of levels, not to mention enjoyable.

Goodbye Patrick McGoohan. Rest in Peace, No. 6


Wilthomer said...

Bummer! Can you believe he was born in Queens (NY)!?!

Nick Rossi said...

I know. His birthplace makes the whole thing just so much cooler in my opinion for some reason.