Saturday, December 5, 2009

San Francisco Municipal Railway 26 Valencia Line (1892-2009)

Due to budget cuts, MUNI has discontinued the line, which had run in one way or another since 1892. Now I will 'fess up...I RARELY use the line, although I live just a block off of Valencia but I don't like seeing public services cut anymore than the next frustrated-socialist, 20-year Frisco resident (and, yes, I did just call it Frisco). The Citywide reactions have been interesting. For example, this is the first eulogy for a MUNI line I have read. Surprisingly optimistic, it does put forward a great idea of restoring the Valencia Street corridor to a light rail line (that would also allow cyclists). I actually like this idea. Extend those historic streetcars through the Mission. I don't know how traffic would be controlled and there are a lot of Valencia Street businesses and residents that might have other ideas. Perhaps it would even have a positive effect on the crime in my neighborhood. Who knows? Certainly food for thought. Thanks to Spots Unknown from whom I pilfered the above photo from 1943. Rest in Peace.

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